Photo by Erin Blewett (Courtesy of Kensington Voice)

J.C. Zerbe is an artist, community activator, and advocate. Known for his graphic lines and expressionistic style work, he has managed to fuse street art elements with his techniques while using lines to create waves of energy throughout his work. Zerbe's focus and passion are directed toward community building and social change. 
The neighborhood of Kensington in Philadelphia is where you can often find Zerbe painting, participating in neighborhood projects, or connecting with the community. Zerbe has also led art workshops to bring healing to those experiencing addiction, homelessness, or other forms of ongoing trauma. His work inspires and provokes movement toward social change within Kensington and beyond.
Zerbe was born in Thailand and came to the USA at age 4. He was raised in Central PA, where he graduated from Selinsgrove Area High School. After graduating from high school, he enlisted in the Army, receiving an honorable discharge after 3 years of service.  
Zerbe later moved to Philadelphia, where he pursued an art career, attending the Art Institute of Philadelphia and later completing a mural program with Mural Arts. Since then, he has branched out into various neighborhoods and continues working with communities by using art to connect with self and others.
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